Dear All,

In order to minimize the damages, down time and unforseen circumstances & inconveniences, the following practises are recommended to be carried out on a daily basis.


Kindly ensure all equipments listed below are fully shutdown except Fax & Fridges. All Wall plugs are to be removed by end of each working day/before leaving the premises.

Switch OFF / ShutDown Switch ON
PC电脑 x  
Printers 打印机 x  
Copiers 复印机 x  
Air Conditioners 空调 x  
Table / Standing Fan 风扇 x  
Humidifiers 加湿器 x  
Charging Adapters 充电适 x  
Water Dispensers 饮水机 x  
Shredders 破碎机 x  
Any other electrical Equipment 其它电气设备 x  
Fax Machine 传真机   x
Refrigerators 冰箱   x

IMPORTANT! Managers and Directors are to ensure the compliance is met.

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