Heard of Unlimited Calling Plan? Its a "must sign up" plan if it is offered to anyone, RIGHT?

Unfortunately, there isn't any free

lunch and if there is/are, beware people! You might had ended dealing with scammers!



Unlimited Calling Plan IS...

  • offered by licensed telco operators (can be copper line, fiber or cellular/mobile)
  • requiring monthly rental/maintenance fees
  • enabling caller calling the same network will be waived (depends on operator)
  • crystal clear voice quality


It's NOT

  • free calls to any network including local & oversea
  • Internet phone/IP phone/VoIP/SIP e.g. Skype, Hangout, etc...
  • a calling plan that can be offered by small market player such as call saving company
  • a calling plan where you pay MYR 100/- and making MYR 1000/- worth of outgoing calls


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NOTE: The above only applicable in Malaysia.